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Say goodbye to communication chaos and hello to streamlined customer conversations with XQu Messaging! Our innovative solution empowers your team to efficiently manage customer communication across various channels, ensuring seamless interactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to optimise your disorganised and scattered communications with your customers?
With XQu Messaging, you can centrally manage all customer communication, including SMS and WhatsApp messages, from a single platform. No more scattered conversations on private devices or missed messages – everything is organized and easily accessible.
Give every employee access to customer conversations, eliminating the reliance on a single person to handle communication. Whether they are in sales, support or management, everyone can stay informed and respond promptly to customer inquiries.
XQu Messaging is designed to integrate with your existing CRM/ERP systems, providing a unified view of customer interactions. By consolidating communication channels, you can enhance data visibility and improve decision-making processes.
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Scan the WhatsApp QR-code at the left. It provides you with XQTING's WhatsApp business number allowing you to start communicating with us via WhatsApp and SMS.
Streamline customer communication across all channels with our Unified Messaging solution – one platform, endless possibilities. Start simplifying and optimizing your customer interactions today!
This is how we work
Introduction session
First and foremost, we start by listening carefully to your story. What are your business challenges and company difficulties? What solutions are you looking for?
In depth scan
Secondly, we perform a deep scan of your organization's IT environment. As a result, we define action points and - if necessary - we work out a first proof of concept.
The project defined
Now we have a scan of the current situation, a stragegy and action plan and a proof of concept. We make a detailed proposal for the entire project.
Let's do this
After your approval, we execute our plan and work our magic. We always set up a detailed plan and start delivering your unique software solutions.
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