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Van Oirschot
Smart integrations and automation result in pure time savings

Van Oirschot, a wholesaler for professionals in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), is a dynamic family business founded in 1967. Thanks to their steady growth, Van Oirschot has become an established player in the Belgian HVAC industry. Van Oirschot HQ is in Herentals, with an additional 12 branches, mainly in the Flemish part of the country. With its own logistics solutions, the company can serve its customers optimally. Ordered before 17h means delivered the next working day. Installers can also pick up goods on site and with the extra express service they even deliver material within 2 hours. What a service!

As a central ERP system, Van Oirschot uses Navision. In turn, the VoIP telephony that connects all branches is based on innovaphone. In many cases, customers called the main number when they would be better served at the nearest branch. As a result, employees in Herentals often have to transfer customers, which costs both parties lots of time.

The logical consequence was to automate this process and for this, Van Oirschot called on XQTING. Together we worked out a technical and efficient solution, which was built in a combination of our EasyConnect app and our XQi Engine. Each incoming call on the main number is briefly queued and detected by EasyConnect. We retrieve the nearest branch office based on the CLIP in Navision. The call is then automatically transferred to the appropriate branch office. Everything happens in less than a split second and is at the same time is very transparent for the customer.

The end results? Employees no longer have to manually transfer calls to another branch; it is a pure time saver. And the customer is helped more quickly.

In addition to the link with Navision, we built an intelligent integration with Van Oirschots' data platform Juvo based on the same products (EasyConnect and the XQi Engine). Thanks to this link, the sales department now registers every incoming call, so that a correct overview of all contact moments between customer and company is always maintained (the so-called 360 degree view).

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