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Number of Admin API users
The Admin API allows you to manage user and other objects of your PBX installation. The amount of users that you order must be equal to the amount of user object (objects of type user or executive) defined in your PBX. You do not have to take into account waiting queues or other objects. If the amount licensed is less than the amount of users defined, the admin API will stop functioning and return a licensing error. When you add extra users to your PBX, you might need a new license file.
Number of Call Control API users
The RCC API allows you to handle calls (make, hang-up, pickup) and get webhook notifications about calls. The amount of users licensed for the RCC API is equal to the amount of users that you want to control/monitor with this API. E.g. if you have 100 users in your PBX, but you only have 40 users for which you want to receive web hook notifications, you must order 40 user licenses for the RCC API. If you configure the app in your PBX and add more users than the amount that is licensed, the RCC API will return an error. Monitoring users is done using group assignment (see the manual of the app), and it does not matter which users you assign to the monitoring group, only the amount of users counts.