De Wilde & Baele Gerechtsdeurwaarders
De Wilde & Baele Gerechtsdeurwaarder (bailiff) has 40 years of experience and is located in a beautiful building along the Gasmeterlaan in Ghent. Part of the office (see picture on top) was once used as a setting in Felix van Groeningen's film "De helaasheid der dingen" ("The Misfortunates") after a book by Dimitri Verhulst.

The firm ensures the correct follow-up of debtors (collection) for its customers and thus watches over their profitability, which is often threatened by bad payers. The initial goal is always to settle the proceedings amicably. A letter or telephone call from a bailiff clearly indicates the seriousness of the situation and is therefore often very effective. If the soft hand does not help, the office starts a legal process and the judicial execution until the final payment.

Continuous innovation is a must in order to manage all of this in a proper way. De Wilde & Baele invested heavily in far-reaching digitization. The best practices of commercial companies in terms of customer experience are closely followed. Every day, hundreds of people communicate with the office via e-mail, a self-developed WebApp, via Facebook Messenger, but of course also by telephone.
Six years ago, De Wilde & Baele opted for a solution based on Voxtron Communication Center (VCC) in order to keep the mass of telephone calls on the right track.

At the end of 2018, XQTING was asked to make the VCC even more user-friendly and to integrate it in a modern way with Organi's Tagor3 file management system via REST services.

At the same time and partly due to this new integration, the call flow was rebuilt from scratch. It contains a self-service part, where the intention is that the defendants (the bad payers of the customers) can automatically agree on a payment plan. This is done by entering the amount and the desired term (within the limits prescribed by the office, of course).

Anyone who fails to register a payment plan, or who calls for a different reason is quickly redirected to the right employee. They log on with the Voxtron Communication Center client for one or more queues. Partly based on skills, the calls are distributed among the available agents.

De Wilde & Baele very often takes the initiative to contact debtors itself. Every week, two thousand people receive a call from the office. Thanks to the preview outbound campaigns of VCC, this is done as efficiently as possible. The daily list of defendants to be contacted is distributed and offered fully automatically to the agents. By simply accepting, the system calls out. All calls are recorded and temporarily stored for control purposes.

Nicolas De Wilde, candidate-Bailiff:

Collecting unpaid invoices is about communicating as efficiently as possible. This is why we attach great importance to the Customer Experience for our customers' customers. XQTING has succeeded in further improving our telephone services based on Voxtron Communication Center.

Otto NL

Otto was founded in 1949 in Hamburg by Werner Otto. The one-man business grew rapidly; home shopping was extremely popular in the post-war period. In the 70s, Germany was soon too small for Otto. The Dutch daughter was founded in 1979: Otto B.V. in Tilburg. Later, the US, Japan, India and China followed. The Otto Group today is one of the largest home shopping organizations in the world.

Otto B.V. stopped publishing its thick printed catalog in 2010. Since then, Otto B.V. is an online only player with a very extensive range in fashion, living and multimedia. The company invests a lot in its long-term relationship with its customers.

And these customers of course seek contact with the organization / customer service. OTTO receives approximately 1,000 e-mails every day with all kinds of questions regarding products, deliveries and payments. To steer all this in the right direction, a structured and automated approach is needed. Over the past few months, XQTING has been working hard with the OTTO project team to prepare for a switch to iAGENT, the e-mail handling solution from the German novomind.

Since March 2019, OTTO works with a hosted iAGENT solution; the supervisors and agents only use a browser. The incoming e-mails are categorized. This is done based on the e-mail address to which the message was sent, the information provided in the web form, or based on a combination of certain keywords that the system recognizes. Some emails get a higher priority than others.
When agents log on, the system offers emails from the category for which they have the necessary skills to answer them. The system ensures that no question remains unanswered, even when an agent is unexpectedly absent. By integrating with the CRM system developed by OTTO, the agent receives information about the sender and the title, name and personalized signature are filled in automatically. Resulting in important time savings.

Furthermore, the agent can rely on predefined text blocks; with a simple mouse click, the system adds the text at the indicated location. If the agent has to add information, iAGENT will indicate this by means of a special color code.

The supervisors can monitor the system. They have a view on the backlog, the agents and the SLAs. The Service Levels are defined per category and the supervisors can see where bottlenecks arise at a glance. With the extensive reporting, the supervisors have all the data to evaluate the operation of the customer service.

Maëlle van der Meijden, Project Coördinator iAGENT–project at OTTO:

The collaboration with XQTING was very nice. We are perfectly supported during the entire project (both during the analysis phase and during the LIVE phase). XQTING responded quickly to our questions and searched for the right solution. iAgent is already used by our parent company in Germany and is therefore also very suitable for OTTO Netherlands. In the preliminary phase and during the implementation, XQTING took into account our wishes and the requirements that we previously had set for iAgent; resulting in a tailor-made system. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and recommend XQTING to everyone!
Rajapack is the European number one in packaging material. It looks back on more than 60 years of experience. With its 22 offices in 18 countries it is the market leader in its sector. The group Raja has more than 700,000 customers who greatly appreciate the service and quality offered. The 120,000 products that it has in stock can be found in one of the 11 distribution centers, which together account for 210,000 m2 of storage space (about 31 football fields).
The product range is very wide and varies from cardboard (shipping) boxes over envelopes, tubes, plastic bags, protection, padding, tape, labels, document covers, promotional packaging, stretch film, pallets to packaging systems.

At Rajapack, XQTING created a link between the Navision CRM system and the Avaya telephone exchange (PBX). Based on the APIs provided by both suppliers, XQTING programmed a pop-up with information about the caller (including call journal, i.e. an overview of all calls in the recent past). In addition, XQTING provided a dialer application for organizing outgoing calls.

Delta Engineering

Delta Engineering is a manufacturer of high-tech machines for packaging, quality control, leak detection ... From its 3 sites in Belgium, Romania and the US, it offers qualitative solutions for both multinationals and smaller independent companies. Delta Engineering manages the entire process: from engineering, production, installation, training and after-care. This unique approach provides Delta Engineering with a prominent position in this industry worldwide.
The business processes are controlled by software. An ERP package provides the basic data. In addition, various tools were developed to increase the efficiency within the production units in Belgium and Romania. New challenges, processes and technologies mean that there is a need for a next step in this automation.

XQTING is proud and pleased to be part of this further optimization of the software tools within Delta Engineering. Together with the stakeholders within the organization, we are drawing up a new, adapted architecture. Subsequently, we help develop the new components that will be used to manage the extensive stock (distributed over the 2 branches) and to further optimize the production and logistics processes. Finally, XQTING will help to steer the complex upgrade of the existing ERP system in the right direction. The goal is to realize a significant increase in efficiency.
XQTING uses the most up-to-date technology and develops the REST services in .NET Core 2 hosted on the Docker container platform of Delta Engineering. An ElasticSearch environment was also set up on the docker platform to collect and analyze all application data. A private container registry was prepared on the Microsoft Azure platform and soon Azure DevOps will be used to automate the entire flow. A responsive front-end is provided in Vue.js and was especially developed to work on desktop and mobile devices, and in particular on the Panasonic Touchpad handhelds. The application allows Delta Engineering to choose the most suitable device for each task.
ATAG Heating
Voxtron Communication Center
For ATAG Heating we returned to an old acquaintance: Voxtron Communication Center (VCC). The assignment was as follows: implement a call center of ± 20 agents, on top of the innovaphone VoIP telephone exchange, installed and managed by WH2A. These agents work in different departments (sales, helpdesk, planning, and debtors) and take calls from 3 countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany). Additional requirement was to keep the service numbers for the recently integrated Elco. The result is a VCC with multiple queues, for which the agents can log on depending on their skills. Calls arriving at the reception desk or at another non-call center employee, can easily be forwarded to one of the queues. A dashboard provides insight into the KPIs of the system.

ATAG Heating in Lichtenvoorde The Netherlands, produces for more than 70 years innovative and high-quality heating products. This ranges from heat pumps, central heating boilers, (solar) boilers, water softeners, thermostats to solar collectors. ATAG focuses on sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions. ATAG is part of the international Ariston Thermo Group.

WH2A in Zeewolde, the Netherlands, has been supplying ICT support to companies for 3 decades. It has more than 150 clients in various business areas, for which they offer customized services: professional system management (servers, backups, updates, security checks), hosting (always and everywhere reachable, guaranteed) and VoIP (hosted) telephony.

Flemish Energy Agency
Solution for contact management
Earlier this year, the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) issued a tender for a contact management software solution. Thanks to our years of experience in contact center solutions, XQTING won the assignment. And that makes us very proud.

The VEA, an agency of the Flemish Government - Environment area, is responsible for the implementation of a sustainable energy policy, by stimulating a.o. rational energy use and environmentally friendly energy production. Because the range of tasks of VEA continues to expand and as more and more citizens and companies come into contact with the Flemish energy policy measures, an inquiry was issued to implement a software application that contributes to a smoother, continuous service.

XQTING based its solution on the novomind iAGENT software from the Hamburg-based novomind. This German company is active in e-commerce (web shops) and customer service solutions. Their iAGENT ensures optimal management of multichannel contacts (mail, chat, chatbots, video chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, ...).

XQTING is partner for novomind solutions in Benelux.

Co-operation with the eForum Factory
Development of Notifixer foundations
A few months ago, Serge Myngheer, CEO of eCompass group (which includes the eForum Factory), approached XQTING: he had a business idea for a cloud-based software solution to comply with the new GDPR privacy regulation. During an extensive exploratory interview, we quickly agreed on how exactly this would work out. XQTING got the confidence and was allowed to design the architecture from scratch. Key factors were: future-proof, scalable and easy to expand, all based on the latest and modern technology. We developed the backend together with the eForum Factory team. In addition, XQTING developed a responsive frontend (in the latest version of Angular) and an identity server (OAuth2 / OpenID connect compliant). In a time span of 8 weeks we realised a prototype, ready for demo.

Screening of software (architecture)
on request of LinqUp
Given the background and the experience of both founders, XQTING has considerable expertise in software (architecture). It is on the basis of this knowledge that LinqUp (a Belgian private investor in software scale-ups and real estate) contacted XQTING with the request to make an objective evaluation of an existing software package. The assignment consisted of two parts. First we studied the existing architecture. Was everything designed and implemented according to the rules of art? Is the code easily transferable? Is the result robust and scalable? What does the graphical user interface look like and can it be improved? In a second part, we were asked to which extent the software is suitable to offer as a service in "the cloud". Are adjustments needed? Which exactly? What are the points of attention and potential pitfalls? Our findings were brought together in an extensive report that was presented and discussed with the client.