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Get to know Thomas, Lead Integration Engineer at XQTING
"The entire XQTING team is made up of bright minds. The fact that everyone matches well is a nice bonus."
Thomas, Lead Integration Engineer at XQTING

Being the youngest and quietest member, Thomas joined the XQTING team a year ago. He describes his position as one with a lot of different responsibilities, and that asset won him over to start as a Lead Integration Engineer. "I enjoy learning and challenging myself, although leaving your comfort zone isn't always easy."

Personal development
His studies Professional Bachelor in Applied Computer Science with a focus on networking and operating systems were his first step into the world of IT, something Thomas still doesn't regret today: "Because of those general studies, I gained a broad basic knowledge that didn't only focus on software development. That's what makes a good developer in my eyes."
He has come a long way in terms of self-knowledge and personal development since then: "I used to be a real nerd, but thanks to the right guidance in terms of soft skills, I have overcome a lot of my introversion."

Youthful ideals
His idealism and perfectionism as a young graduate are things, he had to say goodbye to over the years: "Being an adult is just a disappointment," he laughs, then shows off his pen with that same quote printed on. "A gift from my friends because I often say that" he clarifies. "Growing up is mainly about becoming more adaptable. Which incidentally means that we have to let go of some of our youthful ideals and dreams and instead accept the reality of the situation. I'm already managing that a lot better."

Continuous learning
During his time at XQTING, Thomas learned a lot: "The entire XQTING team is all made up of bright minds. The fact that everyone matches well is a nice bonus." He also appreciates the open atmosphere and horizontal structure in which work is done. "Here, you get an enormous amount of flexibility and autonomy, which is nice, although I sometimes have to adjust to that."

Thomas doesn't consider himself an expert in 1 technical area but is proud to be a generalist: "If whatever problem comes up, I am sure to find a solution." Although, that's where the danger of overengineering can be found: "The pitfall of developers is programming for problems that have not yet posed themselves. There's a risk of putting a lot of time into solving a problem that never arises." Thomas had to learn this lesson along the way and is succeeding increasingly well at it in his role at XQTING.

When we ask him what he likes best about being an Integration Engineer, he answers wholeheartedly: "I get an incredible amount of energy from solving very complex problems. I always see it as a challenge to find the simplest solution." That is also the mindset that prevails within the XQTING team, being able to think like a developer. "When a problem arises, we developers often have a different perspective on the matter than a non-technical person. But if you ask me in what exact way our minds work, I don't have an unequivocal answer," Thomas laughs.

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