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Get to know Sam, development manager at XQTING
A passionate back-end developer and IT-Jack-of-all-trades, that's Sam Van Belle at work. Since joining XQTING four years ago as a second employee, he's been in various roles. "My problem is that I love to do everything, or to put it another way, I enjoy variety very much, and I find that at XQTING."

Sam Van Belle entered the workforce nearly 26 years ago with a degree in Electronic Engineering and a deep passion for computer science. Eventually, his path led him to the young XQTING team. His function? "Well, you'd better ask me what I don't do." he laughs. Whether he is managing a project for one client or programming in C++, C#, or Java for another, he enjoys all aspects of his work equally. "Even though we are a small company, there is a lot of opportunity to change gears within your role. And that variety is exactly what I like best," he agrees.

Eager to learn
Sam sees every project as an opportunity to learn: " I've never been a fan of standing still, so I'm always looking for new things in life. This applies to my job as well." Sam loves coding, but he also ventures to learn new technical skills by himself in his spare time: " That doesn't happen too often, since I want to keep my work and private life separate."

The team has a lot of autonomy and freedom, which Sam confirms: " We're still small and need to structure ourselves a bit more, but that's precisely what's fun to tackle. It gives you a lot of freedom to do your job yourself and make an impact." He would love to welcome new colleagues who want to help XQTING grow, because there's plenty to do. When asked what kind of colleague he would prefer, Sam laughs and replies, "A sporty person who wants to swim with me in the afternoon!"

Geeks and pizza
Technical profiles are in short supply, and Sam wants to see the image of a developer changed: "Students should be taught real computer science subjects rather than Excel. This would solve the shortage of developers. Computer science should be made 'sexy' and become less associated with nerds eating pizza."

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