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Get to know Robbe, job student at XQTING
Robbe is 21 and in addition to his Academic Bachelor of Computer Science at KU Leuven, he also completed his third year as a job student at XQTING. During a short interview, he shared what he liked about it and how he views the future.

Gaining practical experience in the field during your studies? It's not every student's choice, but it surely is Robbe's: "At school we only learn conceptual programming, we have no practical subjects focused on programming languages." As students are often expected to know how to code, Robbe saw XQTING as an opportunity to learn.

Gaining knowledge
How did Robbe experience those 3 summers? "At XQTING, every time it's completely different," he says. Besides coding in Java, Javascript, Python and C, he also learned to work with new, innovative systems like Docker, GitHub and Odoo. " In terms of collaboration, my third time went much smoother. As for the new projects, they still require some familiarization each time," he chuckles.

His biggest focus this summer was on Odoo, the open-source ERP tool we recently started working with. "The best thing about Odoo is that you quickly see effects of your work in the frontend, but getting to know the system really was a challenge," Robbe laughs. " As soon as you get the hang of it, you can explore new ideas and opportunities. That's satisfying!"

What is Robbe's vision of the future? First, he needs to choose a Master's program, which begins in just a few weeks. " As a next step, I might consider doing research in Computer Graphics, but that is still a vague plan." Now first, enjoy those student days, indeed!
We wish Robbe the best of luck in the future and maybe until next year!

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