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Get to know Niels, backend developer at XQTING
Niels' introduction to IT occurred during his studies in Industrial Sciences, a broad program where programming turned out to be a passion. After a somewhat shy start, Niels now feels right at home with our team: "It was a lot of information at first, but over time, my self-confidence has grown, and I now know the projects and the team better, which feels great!"

Less than a year ago, he completed his studies. In his last semester, Niels went on an Erasmus trip to Copenhagen, all alone. This leap into the unknown was a major challenge for Niels, especially for someone who describes himself as somewhat insecure. This experience gave him a personal boost and prepared him for the start of his new work life.

Personal Approach
"I immediately felt at ease in the team," says Niels. The personal approach at XQTING made him feel instantly welcome and appreciated, a stark contrast to the experiences of his peers at larger companies: "As a recent graduate, you need some confidence and don't want to be just a number, which is definitely not the case here."

Growth Curve
Today, about six months later, Niels finds working at XQTING even better than expected! Although there was initially a steep learning curve, he now feels more confident and familiar with the projects. "I am now working on multiple projects, and I really enjoy that variety!" Additionally, he recently experienced the satisfaction of starting a new project: "Seeing something I helped build is incredibly rewarding."

Niels describes the atmosphere at XQTING as personal and familial: "Everyone knows each other and talks openly, without a sense of hierarchy. Even lunch breaks are automatically planned together, which only enhances the team feeling!" The team is relatively new due to recent growth, but they all get along well: "I have even introduced a friend of mine to the team, which makes it even more fun," he laughs.

Niels values feedback, especially as a junior, to ensure he’s on the right track and to continue learning and growing. Although he currently feels he needs some structure, he aims to work more autonomously in the future and try out different roles: "But for now, I’ll keep going and see where I end up." Additionally, he has a strong interest in AI and Machine Learning: "After internal consultation, I recently started extra training as a data engineer/AI specialist, as I definitely want to do something with this in the future!"

Math x IT
When we ask Niels about his favorite project, he responds enthusiastically: "I love combining math and programming to solve complex problems with my own algorithms." The more challenging the problem, the more he enjoys it, he says excitedly: "I love reasoning and working out mathematical solutions because finding those solutions is all the more satisfying!"


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