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Get to know Jan, CEO at XQTING
A combination of experience and self-doubt led Jan to found XQTING some five years ago with his ex-Voxtron colleague and technical expert Wim. A great deal of determination drives Jan to take on any challenge: "Giving up is not in my vocabulary."

And then there was XQTING…
As an 18-year-old, Jan chose the "brand new" field of study Computer Science and was immediately captivated. "I remember when we programmed with punch cards back then," he laughs. His career began as a programmer, but soon he left the technical side behind: he moved from project manager to general manager, then to director/co-owner. As a result of these years of experience, he spontaneously decided to start his own business, and XQTING was born.

Execution is key
Jan and Wim had worked together at work, and they eventually built their own team together. "I could not have done that alone, because I am no longer technical enough. But together we work perfectly, we complement each other well," Jan says. Although the idea arose spontaneously, the name took a little longer to come up with. Eventually, Wim came up with the name 'XQTING', which is derived from the English verb to execute: "In our work and corporate culture, we emphasize 'executive' aspects. So, no blah blah, just boom boom."

Employee happiness
As CEO of a company today, Jan is deeply involved in every aspect of running a business, but he places a priority on taking care of his team: "Work must remain fun, even if it's hard work at times." Therefore, he attempts to communicate openly and listen to everyone's feelings: "I also take everyone for coffee outside the office a few times a year to discuss all kinds of things. In such conversations, work is rarely brought up."

No nonsense
When asked about the team values, Jan does not have to ponder long: "Integrity is very important here. You have to be who you are. No nonsense, no egos, just do it, just as our name describes it." As for Jan himself, he does not like to jump tables, but he does value a customer-oriented approach: "We owe our customers the greatest respect, without them there would be no XQTING."

In the coming years, what does Jan still want to accomplish? The ambitions are high, especially after the somewhat difficult Corona period: "I'd like to further develop our current XQi Engine so that a strong, proprietary XQTING product can be launched." It's clear that the company is growing, as evidenced by its new projects and team members: "No one knows what the future will bring, but XQTING looks very promising right now," Jan laughs.


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