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The co-operation between XQTING and Frontline Solutions
Frontline Solutions is a Dutch organisation with more than 30 years of experience in the world of customer contact. Their mission? To translate your customer contact challenges into realisable solutions and ensure that customer contact works. In doing so, they focus mainly on improving your customer and employee satisfaction at lower costs.

They achieve this by implementing omnichannel contact centre solutions for clients in various sectors. After a thorough analysis based on interviews with the various departments, they propose a state-of-the-art routing platform that meets the client's needs. If necessary, they further complement it with business applications in function of the complete customer & employee engagement story (e.g. satisfaction survey, work force management...).

To implement those systems, Frontline Solutions has an extensive team of application engineers and business consultants. But sometimes it happens that those standard products cannot fully meet the customer's needs. And this need for product extensions or complex integrations brought them seamlessly into contact with XQTING!

Thanks to our deep expertise and experience in software development (and our link to the contact centre world), we decided to work more closely together and are today proud partners of Frontline Solutions.

Our biggest achievement today concerns an extension of Genesys Cloud. In response to a customer request, we jointly defined a comprehensive digital solution for e-mail routing. Our front-end expert gave the solution the same look & feel as the standard product, so end users did not notice that this was an extension to the platform.

Today, our solution supports both the front office, which works according to the push principle (new e-mails are automatically assigned after the agent has processed the previous ones) and the back office, which in turn opts for the pull principle (employees assign e-mails to themselves from a pool of messages to be processed). In this way, the system supports all kinds of scenarios so that employees can spend their time optimally. For example, they can forward an e-mail to (external) specialists and continue working on other messages while waiting. An automatic timer ensures that the message is not forgotten and that SLAs are respected. Of course, agents can use templates and standard text blocks to make their work even more efficient.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation, Frontline Solutions can today respond quickly and flexibly to its customers' requirements and thus continue to strengthen its competitive position. With our years of expertise and experience, we continue to deliver high-quality product extensions and integrations so that our partner can continue to focus on its own core business.

"We are delighted to be working with XQTING. Not only because of their expertise in software development but also because, like Frontline Solutions, they are experts in customer contact."

- Hans Reuver

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