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Genesys Cloud add-on for easy management of agent groups.
Up until last year, Yuzzu was known as Touring Verzekeringen. It is the Belgian market leader in direct insurance (i.e. without an intermediary or broker). In 2007, it joined the AXA Group. Yuzzu offers car, motorbike, commercial vehicle and home insurance. You can also supplement your home insurance with third party liability insurance for you and the members of your family.

Yuzzu's slogan is 'Surprisingly Simple Insurance'. They are committed to making your life easier. The organisation can be contacted 24/7, and you will be assigned a personal file manager. Yuzzu endeavours to provide transparent insurance packages and hassle-free administration.

The organisation contacted us via our partner Telenet Business and asked us to develop software to help contact centre operators and supervisors with their day-to-day tasks.

Yuzzu uses Genesys Cloud (formerly known as PureCloud) as its contact centre solution. Operators log on for certain queues, and are subsequently available to respond to questions relating to the relevant topic (e.g. claims). By using REST APIs in the back-end and JavaScript APIs in the front-end, Genesys Cloud makes it possible to design integrations/expansions that meet the specific requirements of users.

Given its differing areas of expertise, Yuzzu had defined a large number of queues that its operators could enter. Some of those areas are linked, meaning that operators were having to select the same options every time they logged in. As a result, 'queue groups' were created. By joining a queue group, the operator automatically becomes available for all queues defined in that group, provided that they possess the necessary skills for each individual queue. Supervisors can define and manage queue groups in the Genesys Cloud front-end.

In addition, XQTING implemented a real-time activity monitor in the form of an integrated web page displaying information about the status of all operators. That includes the queue group the operator has entered, their current status (e.g. 'on queue'), their detailed status (e.g. 'interacting') and how long they have been in that status.

The XQTING expansions are available in the Apps tab of Genesys Cloud and are consistent with the look and feel of Genesys Cloud. In this way, XQTING has created a uniform user experience.
Working with XQTING was a very pleasant experience. Our joint meetings were always positive and constructive. Not only their excellent technical skills, but also their proactive suggestions for achieving the best possible result put them head and shoulders above the rest in our view.
Stijn Gielen, Head of IT Office, Yuzzu NV
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