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Integration between Voxtron Communication Center and SAP for storing water consumption and call back requests.

Vivaqua was founded in 1891, and is one of the biggest water companies in Belgium. Each year, it supplies around 130 million m3 of water to more than 2.25 million inhabitants in Brussels and parts of the Flemish and Walloon regions. Vivaqua has 26 extraction sites, a broad network of pipelines, and reservoirs with sufficient storage capacity. Since 2000, it has also been responsible for managing sewage networks and the majority of surface water drainage facilities in Brussels. Vivaqua employs 1400 people, and manages 3000 km of drinking water pipelines as well as 2000 km of sewage pipelines.

For its customer service, Vivaqua uses Voxtron Communication Center (VCC), a contact centre solution provided by Enghouse Interactive. It is integrated with Vivaqua's back office for the purpose of calling up customer data and recording meter readings, for example. Recently, Vivaqua decided to replace its own back office solution with SAP. Of course, this had an impact on the integration of the two solutions.

Telenet Business, which manages Vivaqua's Voxtron Communication Center installation, called upon the services of XQTING to help with the switch-over.

Vivaqua's IVR flow provides two key functions that had to be recorded in SAP. The first concerns call-back requests from customers/callers when there are long waiting times to speak to an operator (e.g. > 2 minutes). The customer selects the number they wish to be called back on, indicates the reason for their call (e.g. moving house, water bill, meter reading) and can also leave a message if they wish.

Secondly, customers can submit their meter reading via the IVR. Based on the customer number, the system calls up the meter details and asks the customer to enter their meter reading. After the reading has been checked for irregularities, it is recorded in SAP.

XQTING designed the connection between VCC and SAP to make this function possible. Integration takes place via SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration), a cloud-based piece of middleware from SAP. SAP CPI makes it possible to connect cloud-based and on-premises solutions.
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