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Integration between the Patient Management System and innovaphone.
Valisana consists of 2 activity poles: Validata (a centre for neurolocomotor and geriatric rehabilitation) and Sanatia (a psychiatric pole comprising 3 sites: a psychiatric hospital, a psychotherapeutic day centre and a psychiatric care home. All activities are located in the Brussels area (Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Sint-Joost-Ten-Node and Elsene). Valisana is part of the Saint-Luc hospital group, the academic hospital of the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain).

Valisana represents ±350 beds and ±500 employees across the 4 locations.

Each room is equipped with a fixed telephone, which is connected to the innovaphone VoIP telephone system. As usual, the patient's dialing profile is defined on registration: during their stay, some are allowed to make unlimited calls outside, while others can only make calls to telephone numbers within Belgium. A last group only call emergency numbers.

Until recently, Valisana employees had to indicate this in the patient management system and also set it up manually in the telephone system. Not very convenient, especially since innovaphone's management interface is less accessible to non-technical profiles.

Ideally, when registering a new patient in the patient management system, the telephone system would be configured automatically. And to realize that, Valisana turned to XQTING. The technical solution is based on the XQTING integration engine. On the one hand, it checks whether files have been generated by the management system on a shared folder. Such a file contains the extension or the room number, with the selected dial-out profile. When the engine detects such a file, it automatically sets the new profile via innovaphone's "PBX configuration API".

This saves employees several minutes per registration. And because everything runs automatically, errors are excluded.

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