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Development of a provisioning app for innovaphone PBX's.

Snom is a German company based in Berlin, founded in 1997, with offices in the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Taiwan. Snom is a manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality IP telephones. Their first IP telephone was available for the market in 2001. "The Grand Voip Company" aims to achieve high audio quality for business communication. The in-house audio laboratory is the basis for the high technical standards. At Snom, "Engineered in Germany" is a guarantee of unsurpassed technical ability, elegant design, simple operation and cost efficiency.

Snom offers different product lines: desktop telephones, DECT solutions, conference telephones and headsets.

The SIP telephones from Snom are connected to SIP telephone systems. The also German innovaphone builds such SIP telephone systems.

Each SIP telephone must register with the telephone system before it can be used. This process consists of a series of steps that a technician must repeat for each device; partly in the configuration of the system, partly on the device itself. The various steps can take 10 minutes per device.

Snom requested XQTING to develop an app which is made availabe, by Snom, on the innovaphone MyApps platform, free of charge. innovaphone dealers can use this app to automate the registration of Snom telephones.

The app recognizes when a Snom telephone is added, changed or deleted in the innovaphone management module. It then automatically determines the device family and sends the data to the Snom Cloud Provisioning Service (SRAPS). When the telephone device is plugged in, it automatically retrieves its configuration from the SRAPS server. The phone is immediately ready to use. Since dealers can also define templates in SRAPS, all telephones for a specific customer are set in a uniform way (e.g. the time zone).

With the Snom provisioning app, the number of steps in the registration process is drastically reduced. And equally important: fewer mistakes are made. The time saving is 90%. With an installation of 50 SIP devices, the technician saves 7.5 hours (or a whole working day)!

With XQTING we have found a partner who not only has the necessary programming knowledge, but also has many years of experience in the areas of contact center solutions and Innovaphone PBX.
The auto-provisioning app "PhoneLink for Innovaphone" was specified jointly with Snom and was developed by XQTING.
Mark Wiegleb, Head of Interop & Integration
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