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Advanced e-mail routing based on novomind iAGENT.

With offices in the US, Japan, India and China, the OTTO Group is one of the largest online shops in the world. The company's roots lie in Germany, where it started in 1949 as a mail order company. Since 2010 OTTO sells its lifestyle, fashion and multimedia products exclusively online. The company is therefore strongly committed to efficient communication and an excellent long-term relationship with its customers.

1,000 emails from customers every day
The customer service department of OTTO in the Netherlands receives around 1,000 emails from customers every day with questions about products, deliveries and payments. To handle all those emails in a quick and correct way, a structured approach was needed. Therefore, an OTTO project team, together with XQTING, started looking for an efficient way to automate email management.

Hosted solution for email management
iAGENT, the customer service software from the German company novomind, turned out to be the right solution. XQTING prepared for the switch to the new system and ensured smooth integration. Since March 2019, OTTO customer agents and supervisors have been working with a hosted iAGENT solution. The only thing the employees need is a browser. The solution was also integrated with OTTO's own CRM system, so that customer service employees can automatically retrieve information about senders and integrate it into their e-mail traffic.

Professional communication and pure time savings
Thanks to the new system, all incoming e-mails are now automatically categorized. This is done based on the address to which customers mail, the information they enter via the web form and specific (combinations of) keywords. Some emails are given a higher priority than others. When an employee logs on, he will automatically see the e-mails of the category for which he is responsible. To answer those emails, he can use predefined text blocks that he inserts in the right place with the click of a mouse. Information that the agent may have to add himself is identified by the system with a color code. The result is pure time savings and a professional customer service. The system also ensures that every customer receives a response, even if employees are unexpectedly absent.

Reporting and evaluation options
Finally, the system offers extensive evaluation options. Supervisors can follow all actions real-time and have a view of the backlog, the customer service employees and the Service Levels. The latter are defined per category, so that supervisors can identify bottlenecks at a glance. Thanks to the extensive reporting options, the supervisors have all possible data at their disposal to further optimize the operation of the customer service.
The collaboration with XQTING was very nice. We were perfectly supported during the entire project; from analysis until the LIVE phase. The team responded quickly to our questions and searched for the right solution. iAgent is already used by our parent company in Germany and is therefore also very suitable for OTTO Netherlands. In the preliminary phase and during the implementation, XQTING took into account our wishes and the requirements that we previously had set for iAgent. The result is a tailor-made system. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and dare to recommend XQTING to everyone!
— Maëlle van der Meijden, Project Coordinator iAGENT at OTTO
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