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Mercedes Belux
Integration of Zailab with the DMS (Dealer Management System) to exchange customer data.

Mercedes Benz is a company that likely requires no introduction.

The German car brand was established in 1926 following a merger between Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (brand name Mercedes) and Benz & Cie. Mercedes had already applied for legal protection of the three-pointed star symbol in 1909. The Benz laurel wreath was then added to the outside of the Mercedes star, though it was later replaced by a simple ring to produce the iconic emblem we know today.

Mercedes Belux has a network of dealers. One of those dealers is the Ghistelinck Group, which has offices in Waregem, Oudenaarde, Deinze, Kortrijk, Menen, Mouscron and Harelbeke.

Our partner Telenet Business was asked to roll out a cloud contact centre solution for the Mercedes Belux dealers. Contact centre software helps to optimise communication with customers. The chosen solution was Zailab. Zailab's cloud platform provides an overview of all types of interactions with customers (voice, email, etc.), and provides the necessary information to remotely manage a contact centre team.

Like many car dealers, the Ghistelinck Group uses a 'dealer management system' (DMS). This system contains all of the data regarding customers and their cars, service history, etc. The DMS is not integrated into Zailab as standard, or vice-versa. However, it was absolutely essential to ensure automatic customer recognition for incoming queries, so that call centre employees can immediately address the customer correctly and consult the relevant customer information in the DMS. In order to achieve this, a link needed to be created between the DMS and Zailab, so Telenet Business called upon XQTING.

We built an integration based on the XQTING integration engine. On the one hand, this ensures regular importing of customer data from the DMS, which is then made available to the Zailab software using a REST API. When a new call comes in, this allows the customer details to be displayed to the colleague to whom the call is assigned. On the other hand, the agent receives a correct link allowing them to open the DMS with a single mouse click and view all relevant information for that specific client. As a result, they can immediately respond to any questions the customer has about the purchase or servicing of their vehicle. This significantly eases agents' workload, and allows them to respond much more quickly to customers' questions.

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