Customer case
Implementation of a custom supervisor dashboard on top of Anywhere365.
i-mens is a new healthcare organisation.

"We are here to help everyone, whatever stage of life they find themselves in. With the right healthcare, we believe that anyone can have the power to take control of their own life. That is why we provide all of our healthcare services in customers' own homes, so that people can continue living as independently as possible in a familiar environment. And even though we haven't been around for long, we can rely on the experience of our 12,000 employees who have spent years working in over ten different organisations. Together, they will be there to support you and ensure you get the best possible care now and in the future."

i-mens uses Anywhere365 as its contact centre solution. Our partner Telenet Business was responsible for the installation and implementation of this Microsoft Skype for Business-based solution.

In order to gain an optimal overview of the current status of the contact centre, i-mens wanted a customised dashboard. In order to achieve this, Telenet Business called on the services of XQTING.
The final solution consists of three parts/apps:

wallboard | supervisor | management
wallboard app

The wallboard consists of two sections: on the left (in two columns) there is a list of all of the teams, with an overview of the agents in each team and their contact centre status (e.g. 'available', 'in a call', 'busy', 'offline'). On the right, there is a list of all calls, both active ('in a call') and pending.
Within the teams, agents are grouped by status. The dashboard acts as a clear visual aid thanks to the use of different colours in combination with thresholds.

supervisor app

In order to listen in on a conversation between a customer and an agent, the supervisor needs the name of the queue in which the agent is currently active. The powerful search function in the supervisor app allows users to quickly locate agents and their corresponding queues. They can then use this information to commence the listening-in session.

management app

The i-mens administrator manages supervisor accounts in the user management part of the XQi engine. This gives supervisors access to the secure management app where they can manage their teams. They can create teams and assign or remove agents. This configuration determines what the wallboard app looks like.

In combination, these tools provide substantial added value for agents and supervisors at i-mens, supporting them in their daily activities and helping them save time.
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