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Europ Assistance
Pop-up with customer data for the Genesys PureConnect Interaction desktop (Windows client) and the PureConnect Interaction Connect (web client).

Europ Assistance is a care company that has been providing travel insurance, cancellation insurance, bicycle and car accident assistance, home and family assistance, and corporate insurance since 1963.

'From distress to relief anytime, anywhere' is the company's mission statement. It pursues this objective with the help of its hundreds of thousands of partners, who are on hand 24/7. For Europ Assistance, care services are not just a commitment, but a true vocation.

Its experienced and professional staff are there to listen to your problems and share your concerns, and will endeavour to come up with a solution that is customised for you. What's more, they will get it done quickly. When registering online, Europ Assistance guarantees personal cover commencing on the day after payment is received.

Europ Assistance uses Genesys PureConnect (previously the Customer Interaction Center or 'CIC') to manage its customer contacts. Telenet Business was responsible for installation, and helps Europ Assistance manage the system.

Europ Assistance works on behalf of a broad range of providers , and uses a separate telephone number for each of its services. When customers call one of the numbers, they are met with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system before potentially being connected with an agent. The diversity of services provided means that managing all of these IVR flows and the accompanying voice prompts is no mean feat, and is only possible through the use of technical profiles.

In order to give the business back full control over the management of the system, Telenet Business and XQTING developed a generic solution, whereby all variable elements within the IVR flows were made editable via a user-friendly front-end system. Only one generic flow was retained; this flow adapts to the parameters entered in a database via the front end. The numerous different voice prompts are managed in the same way.
In addition, XQTING developed a pop-up for the PureConnect Interaction Desktop (Windows client) and the PureConnect Interaction Connect (web client). The information displayed to the agent is an overview of the questions asked by the IVR system, accompanied by the responses given by the caller.
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