Belgian Beverages
Custom website
Belgian Beverages is a purchasing association for beverage traders. The cvba has 37 members (representing 52 shops) spread throughout the country. The organization concludes agreements with suppliers for the benefit of the partners. It also takes care of the direct import of (sparkling) wines, champagnes and port wine.

Belgian Beverages wants to concentrate 100% on its core business. Nevertheless, it wants to attract customers and new members with a beautiful and reactive website. Because the organization itself does not employ any (semi)technical profiles, it knocked on XQTING's door with the request to develop a custom-made CMS (Content Management System). How do you make sure that daily changes (e.g. contest, promotions, news) are placed online easily, quickly and according to the correct company image by non-technical profiles? The site is also a crucial tool in communicating with and sharing information between members. It was important to keep that non-public part low threshold, but performant. In short, a whole series of challenges.

First step in the process was to develop a completely new graphic design, including the new logo. After that, the needs of the website administrators were mapped out in detail. Finally, during the programming it was important to use a responsive design so that an optimal web experience is possible regardless of the type of device (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

The result is impressive, to the great satisfaction of Belgian Beverages, its customers and its members.

For the renewal of our website, we were looking for a partner who understands our business and who could translate our high expectations into a high-performance website with an especially user-friendly management tool. Indeed, it is crucial that we can launch all kinds of promotions and competitions in a simple way and without the intervention of an IT professional. XQTING turned out to be the right choice, resulting in a brilliant website!
Danny Van Hove, Secretary - Purchaser