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Implementation and integration of Voxtron Communication Center for the service department.

Allekabels was established in 2005 and has been growing steadily ever since. Initially, it was a provider of all kinds of cables. Today, it is the largest cable web shop in the Benelux. The range has been systematically expanded (with related products such as power supplies, telephone supplies, lighting, tools ...) and currently comprises around 170,000 articles. In addition, a number of brands fall under the Allekabels group, such as Henzo. With a customer rating of 9.4, the company scores very high in its service to customers.

To maintain this high score and possibly improve it, Allekabels invested in a new professional contact center software. The choice fell on Enghouse's Voxtron Communication Center (VCC). VCC is an omnichannel, on premise solution that integrates with the most popular telephone exchanges. Allekabels uses the pure VoIP solution from innovaphone.

When customers call the different service numbers, they arrive at the self-service IVR (Interactive Voice Response). For certain information, reference is made to pages on the website. In other cases, the system suggests to launch a request via a web form.

For more complex questions, customers must enter their order number or invoice number. They are then routed to the correct queue. When forwarding, the agent receives the data from the customer on the screen, which saves an important amount of time and contributes to a better customer experience.

Although the organization and its various teams do everything in their power to limit waiting times, the caller may opt to register a callback request; i.e. if his/her telephone number is not configured as "private". As soon as it becomes a little less busy in the customer service department, VCC will automatically launch the outbound call.

There is a dashboard that indicates, per queue, how many agents are logged on and free. In addition, the number of waiting calls, the average waiting time and the total number of answered calls is shown.

VCC has an extensive reporting tool. Using a 4-step wizard, the system administrator and team leaders can define reports and schedule them automatically. For example, on Monday morning they get their favorite report about the previous week.

Allekabels has its own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It contains the order history of the customer and all contact moments; an ideal overview for the customer service representative to have available when accepting a new call. To achieve this, an integration was written based on web services. The customer card is retrieved via the telephone number of the customer / caller.

The collaboration is at a very professional level. At the start of the project, clear agreements were made which were subsequently complied with. There was always transparent communication. Absolutely great!
Ivo Ebben, Project Coordinator at Allekabels
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