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Alken Maes
Work Assist Telephony App & Decision Tree

The merger of Maes and Cristal Alken in 1988 resulted in "Breweries Alken Maes". Both organizations have a long history that of course goes back much further than 1988. Around 1880, Egied Maes bought the Sint-Michaël brewery in Waarloos. A little later Arthur Boes started a brewery in Alken, about 100 km away. Both breweries grew consistently. It was Cristal who produced the first Belgian Pilsner in 1928. Maes Pils came on the market in 1946.

The headquarters of Alken-Maes is located in Mechelen. It has 3 breweries: Alken (lager and specialty beers), Opwijk (Affligem abbey beers) and Kobbegem (lambic brewery Mort Subite).

Alken-Maes has an impressive list of brands: Maes, Maes 0.0%, Maes Radler, Cristal, Desperados, Grimbergen, Mort Subite, Hapkin, Affligem, Strongbow (cider), Heineken, Postel, Judas, Ciney, Op-Ale and Watneys.

In 2008 Alken-Maes joined the Heineken Company.

We were contacted through our partner Proximus to develop a software for the Alken-Maes helpdesk: the "Work Assist Telephony App & Decision Tree".

As the name suggests, the tool provides support for the people in the helpdesk. When someone calls, the information sheet of that customer is displayed based on the incoming telephone number. If the number is not known, employees can easily find the customer via the extensive search function based on the telephone number, name, customer number or address.

Once found, a screen opens with all the important information about that customer. This is retrieved by our application from Salesforce. It concerns the basic data such as customer number, address, opening hours... but also an overview of the products, the call or contact history, a list of returns...

If one calls for a technical problem, the "Decision Tree" guides the employee in asking the right questions. Step by step, the software works towards a solution. When this results in an on-site intervention, the employee automatically creates a work order in Salesforce and SAP, with the push of one button in the application.
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