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Towards an open architecture with Boomi middleware

Long-term partner in the digitalisation process
Industry federation Agoria brought XQTING on board two years ago in order to review its IT architecture. Together, we laid the foundations for the further digitalisation of its services, products and processes. What began back then as a professional collaboration soon grew into a long-term partnership. 'XQTING is more than just a supplier that gets us from A to B,' says Bart Van Nynatten, Senior IT Manager & Steering Committee Member at Agoria. 'They advise us in multiple areas and help us achieve our medium and long-term goals. By now they are very familiar with our organisation, so they can quickly anticipate the next steps.'

Accelerating and simplifying the digital transformation
Two years ago Agoria issued an RFP, following which it chose XQTING to carry out an audit of its IT architecture. We not only performed an analysis, but also did some work based on the insights we gained from the process. In particular, we provided Agoria with technical advice in four areas: the cloud migration of the infrastructure, crisis and project management for the new website, development of a clean data strategy and a new enterprise architecture.
'When it comes to our internal IT systems, the essential groundwork for our internal digitalisation has now been completed,' continues Bart Van Nynatten. 'In addition, we're still on the lookout for technology that will allow us to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation. In XQTING we have found a partner that can suggest such technological solutions to us.'

"XQTING has the expertise to support us, not just in terms of execution but also on a strategic level. They explain strategic and technical aspects in easy-to-understand language. That makes them the ideal sparring partner."

- Bart Van Nynatten

Sparring partner on technical and strategic matters
According to Bart Van Nynatten, XQTING was an obvious choice for the job. 'XQTING has the expertise to support us, not just in terms of execution but also on a strategic level. They're very flexible in terms of how they work, too. If you ask a question in the morning, 70% of the time you'll get a response the same day. They also explain strategic and technical aspects in easy-to-understand language. That makes them the ideal sparring partner.'

Towards an open architecture with middleware
In this case, the question to be answered was: how can we automate and streamline the exchange of data between different systems? On the recommendation of XQTING, Agoria opted for an open architecture with Boomi, a piece of middleware that allows applications to exchange data among themselves while continuing to work independently of one another. The integration between the ERP system Odoo and the marketing automation tool HubSpot that we carried out for Agoria also allows the access rights of individual users to specific data to be managed and monitored. 'In order to make sure the integration ran smoothly, we had to translate marketing concepts such as hot and cold leads into their technical equivalent. XQTING brought structure, defined rules and established the processes in such a way that the whole operation ran smoothly and without a hitch,' says Bart Van Nynatten.

'Open-minded, flexible and proactive'
The integration between Odoo and HubSpot is the first phase in the further digitalisation and automation of Agoria's business processes, with Boomi acting as the central hub via which all data communication will take place. For Bart Van Nynatten, it goes without saying that XQTING will offer added value here. 'XQTING takes a customer-centric approach, providing clear proposals and pre-formatted frameworks that they can easily adapt to the customer's needs. They also give the impression that they want to stay on top of things: they don't wait until you report an incident, but flag things up themselves, report issues and provide a solution. Sometimes they even work late into the evening. That makes them an open-minded, proactive and flexible partner.'

Bart Van Nynatten - Wim Van Houts - Jan Vidts
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