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Building a solid ecosystem that helps members to connect.

Agoria represents more than 2000 technology companies in manufacturing, the digital industry and the telecom sector, making it the largest grouping within the Federation of Belgian Enterprises. Agoria's tasks as an industry federation include helping companies to digitalise their products, services and processes. Of course, this digitalisation process is just as important for Agoria itself, to which end it relies on XQTING for advice and technical support.

Audit as a basis for a long-term plan
Since Agoria is an organisation that helps companies prepare for the future, it likes to set a good example. That is why the federation issued an RFP early this year. 'By commissioning an external audit, we were aiming to get an overview of our existing IT architecture,' says Danny Goderis, CDO at Agoria. 'This was part of our long-term vision: to build a solid digital ecosystem that helps members connect and offers a broad range of digital services. But before taking the leap, we had to make sure the proper foundations were in place.'

Down to earth
'XQTING seemed like the right partner to help us in this endeavour. They had the technical expertise, they were cost-competitive, and they were very open in their communication. The last aspect is something I particularly value: they didn't just bombard us with PowerPoint presentations, they're really down to earth, and they know what they're talking about. They helped us perform a clear analysis so we could move forward with our plans.'

Four areas for action
The audit provided insights that Agoria wanted to start working on straight away, and the federation once again called upon XQTING to help with this task. 'We are currently working on four thematic areas', explains Danny Goderis. 'The cloud migration of our infrastructure, crisis and project management with regard to our new website, a clean data strategy and a new enterprise architecture. Wim, our permanent contact at XQTING, is there to offer us technical advice on all four of those areas.'

XQTING as a technical right-hand man
'At the moment XQTING is like our digital right-hand man. Wim actually wears three different hats: he provides technical expertise and advice, implements project management processes such as a ticketing system for the website, and is in charge of the transition from a closed approach to an open architecture with a middleware solution that will allow us to achieve our long-term vision.'

What I really like about XQTING is the way they communicate: transparent, upfront, down to earth. Their technical expertise is outstanding, and they delve into the details where necessary. At the same time, if they don't know something, they're happy to admit it. That builds trust. They also offer an excellent price-quality ratio.
Danny Goderis, CDO at Agoria
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