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AG Insurance
Building a secure web application allowing supervisors to easily manage their teams.

AG is Belgium's oldest insurance company. In 1824, the firm was already operating in what would a few years later become Belgium. Since then, AG has grown to become the market leader in the Belgian insurance sector, with more than 2.7 million private customers.

Today, AG is a multi-channel insurer offering a full range of insurance products that can meet anyone's needs. Whether they are private individuals, professionals, freelancers or large corporations, AG offers its customers life and non-life insurance (car, fire, accident, hospitalisation, civil liability, etc.), supplementary pension schemes, and products and services that go beyond just insurance (prevention and support).

While insurance of course remains its core activity, AG is also directly involved in social and sustainability projects in Belgium, and supports the development of innovations and new technologies in fields that extend beyond the realms of insurance.

AG has 4400 employees, and works with more than 5000 distribution partners.

In their daily communication with customers, AG's 2500 customer service employees use Insurance PureConnect from Genesys. This contact centre solution is managed by our partner Telenet Business, via whom we received a request to develop a secure web application to help the supervisors of the various teams spread across the country with their daily tasks.

Previously, change requests were centralised, and were implemented by the IT department. Making these functions available to supervisors significantly speeds up the process. In addition to 'Configuration', the application comprises 3 components.
'Closures' is a handy tool that allows the various departments to easily manage their own opening hours and days. It also allows a certain department to be made temporarily unavailable in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. fire drills).

'Skills' allows supervisors to update the skills and proficiencies (skill levels) of their agents. In addition, agents can easily be assigned to work groups.

Under the 'Coaching' tab, supervisors can assign a coach to their agents for the purpose of quality management and control.

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