XQTING delivers all in software projects. This includes consultancy, architecture design, implementation and project management.
At your service
  • Development
    Your company is in need of a specific software, for which no standard solution can be found. Your challenge can be very diverse: a client-server application, a specific app, an advanced website... XQTING offers an answer to these questions. We develop your software according to your wishes, on premise or in the cloud. Together with you, we design the optimal architecture. Our developers each have at least 15 years of experience in software design and development. Experience that we are happy to share with you; a guarantee for a successful project.
  • Integration
    Many software packages are available in the market, each of which meets a specific need of a department within your organization. This often results in creating ICT islands. It is difficult to exchange data automatically with other applications deployed by other departments. As a result, part of the intended efficiency is lost.
    XQTING wants to be a connection between the various packages that are present within a company. It uses its own developed integration engine and the IaaS platform Boomi.
  • Architecture Consulting
    Everyone agrees that good, solid foundations are necessary for the construction of a house. But when it comes to ICT projects, one sometimes dares to skip this crucial step. Mapping the functional and technical requirements and the associated architecture is a time-consuming job, but an absolute must for a successful implementation process. The preparation is half the work!
    XQTING helps you to complete this exercise. We support and advise your organization so that new technologies can be successfully integrated within your existing (ICT) environment.
  • RFI, RFP, PPQ consultancy
    When your organization requires external products and services for its new project, writing a good PPQ (pre-qualification questionnaire), RFI (request for information) and / or RFP (request for proposal) is a must. It structures the needs from a business point of view, outlines the current technical environment and sets requirements in terms of security (including GDPR), compliance, reporting, resilience (up-time), backup ...
    XQTING writes these documents for you, based on various workshops. It ensures - in consultation - objective evaluation criteria that allow assignment of the project to the best suited supplier. XQTING guides you throughout the entire process.
  • Project Management
    Good foundations (see Architecture Consulting) and clear objectives are fundamental for a successful conclusion of a project. But even with a good preparation several pitfalls can throw a spanner in the works. The budget is exceeded, the scope is adjusted, inadequate communication and coordination causes misunderstandings and delays, equipment is not delivered on time, the data center is not ready, there is no backup for resources that unexpectedly drop out, planning becomes unclear ...
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