XQi Engine
XQTING's Swiss knife to build integrations
The XQTING Integration Engine (XQi Engine) is an advanced service to build integrations between different, existing applications. It enables us to rapidly create intelligent integrations into your business environment. It does not matter whether this is an administrative or a production process you want to automate. The various modules that build the engine make it possible to add complex logic to the integration process.
  • The XQi Engine runs on premise and in the private or public cloud, depending on your needs and company's security policy. If needed, XQTING can host the engine for you.
  • It helps you to link independent systems easily and bring ICT islands closer together
  • It eliminates double work and manual labor, helping you to increase your efficiency
  • Thanks to the build-in intelligent flow mechanism, you can add business logic to your integration processes
  • It is the foundation of a truly automated digital workplace
The internal modules support the applying of your business logic to your integrations. Examples are the "timer" module for scheduling actions and the "flow" module to perform tests, split processes and create dependencies.

The external modules refer to these standard packages with which the XQi Engine integrates. Types of modules are "messaging" for sending and receiving SMSs, e-mails, WhatsApp messages, "PBX" for integrating proprietary telephone systems, "database" for storing and retrieving data, "Collaboration" for sharing documents, calling people, sending notifications ... and CRM/ERP for storing and retrieving customer (related) information.
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Integrations work!
One can save a lot of time with well chosen integrations. This leads to higher efficiency and happy employees. Customers also benefit because they typically get serviced faster and smarter. Contact us today if you are considering an integration project. We help you to further elaborate it.