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Learn how anynode is used to merge 2 environments:
legacy on-premise PBX and MS Teams.

Your company has, since many years, a legacy PBX (e.g. Cisco, Avaya, Unify, …) and has recently adopted Microsoft Teams (as part of Microsoft 365 – cloud service) as internal collaboration tool. When calling internally, employees use their Teams client. When calling a customer or supplier, the employee uses this traditional (hard or soft) telephone set that comes with the PBX. Incoming calls arrive on this same telephone set. In some cases, these calls our intelligently routed by a call/contact center solution that is closely integrated with the PBX.

This situation is represented in the figure below:
Desired situation

Instead of having 2 ways of taking calls, it would be nice for the employees to only have one interface: the MS Teams client.

anynode allows to combine both worlds (PBX and MS Teams) enabling seamless interaction. Employees use their MS Teams client to interact with colleagues and external contacts. This results in the following figure:

Internal Teams calls and external calls via the PBX continue like before. Thanks to the combination of anynode and Microsoft Direct Routing, both environments are merged. As a result, employees can receive external calls in their Teams client (red arrow). In the same way, employees can receive internal calls from colleagues who did not switch to Teams yet (green arrow).
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Telephony is a complex matter.

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