Digital workplace

Need a translation? One address: Alltrans has been a full-service translation agency since 1969. Individuals, companies and government institutions can rely on Alltrans for translations and interpretation. It has expertise in a wide range of fields: from scientific texts over medical papers to legal documents. If necessary, the translations can be sworn in and legalized by the court.

Alltrans employees work from various locations and work together via Office 365 - SharePoint. Because the office processes a lot of orders every day, the monthly invoicing process took a considerable amount of management time. Time that could therefore not be spent on business-related activities.

That's why Alltrans contacted XQTING.

The assignment was very simple: make sure that - while maintaining the current working methods - the invoicing is fully automated at the end of the month.

Processes were created to automatically create and (uniquely) number work orders. Via color codes and statuses, employees know exactly which tasks they need to carry out and which orders require special attention. A system of approvals ensures that translations are additionally checked where necessary.

Work orders can be invoiced individually. However, without individual marking, they are collected at the end of the month per customer on a single invoice. In order to meet customer expectations, Alltrans can group certain orders and also charge flat rates. XQTING's automatic process takes this into account.

Invoices are automatically sent by e-mail in the language of the customer. At the same time, a copy of the pdf is saved on SharePoint so that it remains accessible to the employees. From SharePoint, the invoices are integrated into the accounting package.

The contact with XQTING was extremely smooth from the start. With minimal information, they managed to understand our workflow and convert it into a practical new solution that saves us an enormous amount of time. They took all our wishes into account and made the adjustments we asked for very quickly, so that our tool was fully functional after a short turnaround time. Top service!
Eva Wiertz, Zaakvoerder