Doing Business? That's co-operating. Within organisations, between organisations, with customers and partners ... software driven. XQTING is a solution architect, software developer and app developer who seamlessly integrates software tools within your business approach.
XQTING, "Executing", because we like to carry out, to execute.
No nonsense software solutions.
The collaboration is at a very professional level. At the start of the project, clear agreements were made which were subsequently complied with. There was always transparent communication. Absolutely great!
Ivo Ebben, Project coordinator at Allekabels
In the preliminary phase and during the implementation, XQTING took into account our wishes and the requirements that we previously had set for iAgent; resulting in a tailor-made system. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and recommend XQTING to everyone!
Maëlle van der Meijden, Project coordinator at Otto bv

What do we help you to achieve?
1. Increase efficiency with new software

You want to bring your automation to a next level? A business critical software application needs to be replaced? You want to speed up processes? Create positive customer experience with an innovative tool or app? XQTING guides you through the process; from analysis to implementation and integration.
  • with existing software or tailor-made software
  • software that matches your working methods, processes and other software already in use
  • which means you gain time, efficiency and user satisfaction

2. Increase efficiency in existing software environments

Do you need to manually input data from application A into application B? A report is exported to Excel for further editing? Customer contacts are managed in 2 or more applications? You call a meeting with your team because the reports presented do not show the most recent data?
  • XQTING reduces from 2 steps to 1
  • you lose less time in meetings, repetitive or parrot work
  • more meaningful use of time
  • and employees that can concentrate on what really counts for the company

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Our approach?
Introductory session with description of the situation
First of all, we want to listen to your story. Where do you see the difficulties, what our your challenges?
XQTING performs a scan, defines action points and – if necessary – a proof of concept
Project defined?
We make a detailed proposal
Quotation approved?
Together, we get started and make it happen. We set up a planning and deliver a unique software solution.
XQTING... expensive?
It may not fit the Flemish mentality but: "we are good and apply a correct price/quality ratio". We only engage in projects with real added value, whereby the investment produces an estimable return. That's beneficial for both of us.
Contact XQTING: let's discuss your ideas!
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XQTING software scores
In the spotlights: InnoStats
How efficient is your telephone reception? How long do your customers have to wait before they get someone on the line? How many calls per month are lost? InnoStats helps you to unlock this call information.

XQTING developed InnoStats, a modern reporting tool for Innovaphone PBXs telephony systems, which gives you valuable insight into the traffic of your telephone exchange: delay witch which calls are answered, graphical representations of how calls are handled, overview of missed calls, etc.

A hit, because Innovaphone immediately chose XQTING as technology partner!

Special launch action
Not completely convinced yet? You can test InnoStats during one month for free!
Surf for more info the InnoStats test offer.