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InnoStats is a web based software that provides comprehensive reporting on Innovaphone PBX traffic. It supports the traditional IP gateways as well as the IPVA (Virtual Appliance). InnoStats reports on the Innovaphone Waiting Queue objects. It delivers insight on how calls move through the Messages, IVRs and Queues within the PBX. InnoStats supports different types of reports: Service reports (measuring SLAs), Distribution reports and creates essential Call lists.

InnoStats is very easy to install and use. It's available in English, German, French and Dutch.
Innovaphone is happy to see that companies continue to invest in cool add-ons for our PBX range. If you're looking for a reporting tool, make sure you also have a look at InnoStats.
Konstantin Kruse, Director International Sales of Innovaphone
Do you have any idea how long your customers, in average, have to wait before they are answered on the phone? What is your estimate on number of calls lost per month? Do you know whether people get lost in your IVR menus? If not, InnoStats can help you!
The Innovaphone PBX series supports advanced, complex call routing logic for your organization. It allows to combine (amongst others) IVR, announcement messages and queues according to your needs. With InnoStats, XQTING offers a web based tool to report on these Waiting Queue objects. An easy interface helps you to get results in just a couple of clicks. More advanced users can benefit from the powerful SQL query building tool. No programming skills are required. Three levels of users are defined for optimal use and safety: system administrator, manager and viewer. For each category of objects, one or more type of reports are available.
Service Reports
Provides information that allows you to check whether SLAs are met (e.g. % of the calls answered within 15").
Distribution Reports
A graphical representation of call handling results.
Call Lists
An overview of calls that comply with certain conditions (e.g. missed calls, calls outside office hours)
InnoStats reveals a wealth of call and caller information that was difficult to access and interpret up till now. Get your report of the day, the last 7 days, this month, or any period just by a couple of clicks. Interpret, change (bar, line, stacked, tiled) graphs according to your needs/preferences and save them as a .png so that you can use it for instance in a presentation.

InnoStats is up and running in no time. Download the software; get a license key via your Innovaphone distributor/partner; run the installation script; prepare your Innovaphone PBX in a couple of steps, and get your first report.
Testing InnoStats
Try InnoStats for free during one month. Before moving to the form, make sure you have the "SerialNo" of your Innovaphone PBX (refer to below screenshot). Get your trial license.
Buying InnoStats
The purchase price for Innostats reporting software is 500 EUR [≤20], 1.000 EUR [≤50] or 2.500 EUR [>50] (excluding taxes) depending on the number of user objects defined in the PBX (indicated between [ ]).
XQTING offers 2 types of services related to the software products it develops:
Software Support (access to the helpdesk and getting support for the reported issues) and
Software Assurance (getting free minor and major upgrades).
Both services are mandatory; the total annual contribution is 18% of the purchase price of the software.

InnoStats is sold through the Innovaphone distributors and resellers. If you want to buy this reporting software, please contact your local reseller.

You are a distributor of Innovaphone? Send your purchase order to Next to standards items, this order needs to contain the following information:
Name of the end user company
Name of the reseller (if any)
Serial number(s) "SerialNo" of the Innovaphone PBX(s) of the end user company
InnoStats is subject to the End User License Agreement (EULA) of XQTING.
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